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In partnership with our community, Harrington Schools provides all learners with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and experiences to become independent, self-disciplined and responsible citizens.

Harrington School District Goals 2013-2015

 Increase student growth and development by:

Emphasis on reading:  Ensure that students acquire desire for reading and improve reading and improve reading proficiency.

Excellence in Core areas:   Ensure that student’s competence reaches or exceeds grade-level standards in reading, writing, and mathematics, science and social studies.

Achievement Gap:  Close the achievement gap between at-risk and non-at-risk students, including special education, economically disadvantaged and/or recent enrollees.

 Retain Personnel and Students by: 

Attracting, developing and retaining quality staff:   Continually assess efforts in recruiting, developing and retaining a highly qualified staff’s reflective of, and responsive to, the needs of the district’s student body.

Attracting and retaining student population: Continually offer progressive educational opportunities.

Attendance and completion:  Ensure that students understand the importance of attending school regularly and completing high school.

 Provide a positive and safe school environment by:

Developing strong student leaders:  encourage participation in extra-curricular activities such as club and class officers, athletic activities and community service.

Encourage student character development:  engage in activities designed to build positive self-esteem.

Promote and encourage personal growth through the arts:  Provide rich and rewarding opportunities through music, drama and visual arts.

Fit and Drug-free students:  Ensure that students understand their responsibility to behave in ways that cause them to be physically fit, emotionally healthy and drug-free.

Safe and Disciplined Environment:  Develop and/or refine strategies for all students, staff and school to maintain the safe and disciplined environment conducive to student learning and employee effectiveness.

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M and O levy information 

-Levy Flier

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Thanks to the hard work of Kelli Tanke and Betty Warner, the Hagan Foundation has awarded us a grant of $22,600 to replace all of the welding equipment in the shop and provide funds to help train someone to be a certified welding instructor.

This is an outstanding contribution to making Harrington School FIRST, BEST or DIFFERENT.

Excellent work, Mrs. Tanke and Mrs. Warner!!!


Governor Inslee has awarded Harrington a 2015 Gold Star Award. This award, which we also were given in 2014, is given to districts who enroll eligible middle school students in the college bound scholarship program. We had 100% enrollment of our eligible students.

To find out more about this amazing opportunity for 7th and 8th graders, see the website: www.collegebound.org. Thank you to our incredible counselor, Ginny Lathem, for making this possible. This is another feature in our school that makes Harrington FIRST, BEST or DIFFERENT.

We are small AND mighty.

Chicken Pox Vaccine Requirements for 7-8th Graders

Winter Pool Hours:

Tuesday: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Wednesday: 3:10 pm - 6:00 pm
Thursday: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The pool will be closed this Wednesday, February 10.  Our locker rooms will be busy while we host the first District game for the girls at 6:00 pm vs. Cusick.  Thank you for your patience, please come support our girls.


Basketball season will be taking away from our locker room space. The schedules for the gym are continuously changing. Our goal is to keep the pool open at a consistent basis when it is scheduled to be open. We are trying to stay away from last minute cancellations. We will be closing the pool on Saturdays in December and January. (Possibly February as well, depending on our Titan basketball teams' records at the end of the season.) To make up for that change during those months our hours will be Tuesday 5-8 p.m., Wednesday 3-6 p.m., and Thursday 5-8 p.m.
Thank you for your flexibility.

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